Cyclothermic Indirect Gas Fired Ovens

Cyclothermic Indirect Gas Fired Ovens:
  • Indirect Fired Radiant Oven
  • No products of combustion inside bake chamber
  • Turbulence systems to expedite heat transfer
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly due to the sealed heating system and very low exhaust temperatures
  • Modular layout allows for custom configured baking zones based on your products
  • Automatic adjustment of dampers and steam exhaust through the PLC
  • For rolls and bread (hearth baked or in pans/trays), pizza, cakes, confectionary
  • High temperature versions (bake temp. of over 700°F) available for pizzas, pita and flat bread
  • Can be supplied with wire mesh belt or stone plate conveyor

Wiremesh Version
Available widths: 2,000mm / 2,300mm / 2,500mm / 3,000mm / 3,750mm / 4,000mm (standard size) / 4,300mm
Bake chamber lengths: up to 60meters (longer upon request)

Stone Version
Available widths: 2,000mm / 2,500mm / 3,000mm / 3,750mm / 4,000mm
Bake chamber lengths up to 36 meters (longer upon request)