Direct Gas Fired Ovens

Direct Gas Fired Oven:
  • High efficiency ribbon burners have 3 individual adjustable zones across the belt
  • Zero gas pressure system
  • Separate top and bottom heat control
  • Infrared burners available for ideal coloration
  • CIP systems available for full internal washdown
  • Modular construction for fast installation and easy future expansion
  • Washdown exteriors available
  • From 800mm to 2,000mm wide
  • Variable zone lengths
  • Various baking surface available: mesh belts, steel plate, stone, etc
  • Fully automatic band tracking
  • Belts can be pre-heated on return
  • Greasing equipment for band and plates
  • Jet air and hydro band coolers
  • Loading and unloading transfer conveyors
  • Retractors before and after oven
  • Heat reclaim systems