Impingement Ovens

Impingement Ovens:
  • Indirect fired means no products of combustion in the bake chamber with your products. A burner heats our heat exchanger. Fresh air is then brought in and heated by our heat exchanger before entering bake chamber. Air from the burner is exhausted out.
  • Impingement air is adjustable by VFD
  • Even baking across width of bake surface
  • Adjustable top and bottom heat control
  • Modular construction for fast installation and easy future expansion
  • No impingement fingers – very easy to clean bake chamber
  • CIP systems available for full internal washdown
  • Washdown exteriors available
  • From 800mm to 3,500mm in width
  • Zones from 4 to 16m in length
  • Oven lengths up to 100+ meters
  • Greasing equipment for band and plates
  • Jet air and hydro band coolers
  • Loading and unloading transfer conveyors
  • Retractors before and after oven
  • Heat reclaim systems