Thermal Oil Ovens

Thermal Oil Ovens:

Our Thermal Oil Ovens operate around the globe in a wide range of bakeries – from handicraft artisan bakeries to high capacity industrial bakeries. They are robust, reliable, user-friendly and efficient in terms of energy consumption. The gentle heat provided by our thermal oil ovens allows for precise control of the crust characteristics and higher moisture content inside the bread for a true artisan bake.

The bake profile is the same on all of our thermal oil ovens whether you use one of our rack ovens, deck ovens or tunnel ovens, allowing you to easily scale up as your production grows. Since thermal oil has a very high thermal capacity, heat can be added immediately and heat losses can be compensated for very quickly.

Backmeister Deck Oven:

  • Even baking temperature anywhere on the deck
  • Turbo fan adds convection heat at beginning or end of bake for more intense heat transfer (a requirement for breads with a high rye content or tin bread), deeper browning a “high-temperature effect” where the oven bakes as if the temperature is approx. 85ºF higher than actual.
  • More baking surface with less floor space – depending on # of decks, up to 48 sq ft of baking surface for 3 sq ft of floor space
  • Deck widths available: 1,600mm, 2,000mm and 2,400mm
  • From 3 to 7 decks available
  • Taller bake chamber (from 160mm to 200mm), minor overall oven height due to compact design of thermal oil heating plates
  • Only 1 chimney and burner required for several ovens
  • Low exhaust gas loss
  • High efficiency boiler system
  • Seal-free and low maintenance inline magnetic pump
Options and Accessories:
  • Pull out decks – cantilevered design is easy to pull-out even with heavy loads
  • Automatic loader
  • Deck cleaning with vacuum cleaning device
  • Proofing Chamber
Multi-Deck Thermal Oil Tunnel Ovens

  • Gentle artisan bake with higher moisture retention and better crust development due to thermal oil heating system
  • Up to 12 decks can be stacked – each with separate temperature control top/bottom heat and steam.
  • Each deck can be continuous or batch feed
  • Saves space due to ability to stack decks
  • Multiple lines can be fed into same oven
  • Baking zones separated by curtains
  • Seal free and low maintenance inline magnetic pump for thermal oil system
  • Steel plate, wire mesh or stone baking surfaces available – each deck can be different
  • Even, consistent steam and heat distribution
  • Shortened setup times and minimal rejects or quality fluctuations during product changeovers
  • Automatic loading and discharge system
  • Freestanding products baked on stone or hinge plate belt
  • Artisan, rustic style and Mediterranean products to rolls and white bread
  • Products baked in trays or tins
Thermo-Roll Rack Oven

  • Fast and simple operation of a rack oven with the even bake quality of a tunnel oven.
  • High temperature flexibility leads to very short set-up times and heat recovery periods compared to other rack ovens
  • Unique radiator design allows for placing products all the way to edge of baking surface
  • Fast and complete steam release
  • Higher moisture retention due to gentle thermal oil bake
  • More oven “spring” compared to other rack oven styles
  • Precise steam control results in better heat transfer to product core
  • Seal free and low maintenance inline magnetic pump
  • “Triplet” model is available (3 rack capacity instead of 2)
Artisan Stone Thermo-Roll Rack Oven

In addition to all the features in the standard Thermo-Roll Rack Oven above:

  • Loading of tin bread and trays on racks
  • Loading of free standing products directly on stone – unique combined loading/unloading rack with setters mounted inside of it allows oven to be completely loaded or unloaded in less than 20 seconds.
  • Also ideal for cake, pastries, and pies
  • Available option: Fully automatic loading/unloading system with cooling rack and discharge conveyor