Charlie Dough Folder

Charlie Automatic Dough Folder:

Charlie Model – for capacities up to 9,000 products/hour

  • Patented design allows us to fold a wide range of products and dough types
  • Indexing machine can be fed with a spool or continuous dough sheet (500mm / 750mm widths – wider upon request)
  • Flexibility to switch between products with short changeover
  • Folds dough squares from 2 inches to 6 inches
  • Can deposit filling inside and on top of products
  • 1 fold, 2 fold, 4 fold products are standard. Many others are possible.
  • For pastry dough, Danish dough, pizza dough, pie dough, rugala dough, etc.
  • Sweet or savory products
Capacity example:
Dough Square Size
500mm sheet width
750mm sheet width
75 x 75mm
9,000 pcs/hour
15,000 pcs/hour
100 x 100mm
8,000 pcs/hour
11,000 pcs/hour
125 x 125mm
5,000 pcs/hour
7,500 pcs/hour
150 x 150mm
3,000 pcs/hour
5,000 pcs/hour