Bakery Products

Naegele Inc is the industry leader to supply world-class automated bakery equipment and production lines for any of your bakery products.

Through our combined experience in the baking industry we have also become specialists in the design and
implementation of the following types of systems:
  • Bagel Lines
  • Bagel Stick Lines
  • Biscuit Lines
  • Bread Crumb Lines
  • Cookie Lines
  • Cream Pie Lines
  • Croissant Lines
  • Cup Cake Lines
  • Danish Lines
  • Donut Lines (Yeast Raised)
  • Donut Lines (Cake)
  • English Muffin Lines
  • Hard Roll Lines
  • Flat Bread Lines
  • Fruit Pie Lines
  • Frozen Dough Lines
  • Laminated Dough Lines
  • Muffin Lines
  • Pie Lines
  • Par-baked Production Lines
  • Pita Bread Lines
  • Pre-proofed & Frozen Product Lines
  • Pretzel Lines
  • Puff Pastry Lines
  • Scone Lines
  • Sweet Goods Lines
  • Tortilla Lines