Multi-Product Line

Multi Product Line:

Industrial automation is also available for bakery lines with a larger variety of bread types. The Multi-Product line is the ideal solution when the production volume of one bread type does not justify full automation with a dedicated line. This line concept combines production flexibility wit industrial efficiency.

The strength of the Multi-Product line concept is that it combines conveyors, final proofers, oven and cooling successively for different products.

Two or three independent dough production lines (rolls and buns, large bread, baguette, sheeting, laminating) are merged together into a combined layout. Although each make-up
line does not produce the entire day, the rest of the systems (like proofer, the oven and cooling) can be used efficiently by one of the other dough make-up systems.

Our Multi-Deck Thermal Oil Oven is the heart of this complete line. It is comprised of several baking levels. Each deck is totally independent from each other and can bake different products at different temperature and different bake times. After the oven, the unloader will ensure that product flows do not mix. Depending on capacities, product assortment and required capacities, the Multi-Product line is taylor made and dedicated to customer’s needs.