Sandwiched Cookies & Fillings

Complete production lines for sandwiched cookies and fillings

Sandwiched Cookie Lines

Fully automated high capacity production lines

  • Oreo-type sandwich cookies
  • Chocopie
  • Fresh pie
  • Cream & chocolate tartlet
  • Cream & jam sandwich
  • Mallow & jam sandwich
  • Multi-colored cream or marshmallow sandwich
  • Multi-coloured chocolate cookies
  • Peanut butter cream cookies


Systems available for processing a wide variety of cookie types:

  • Sizes ranging from 1 – 5 inches
  • Can handle many shapes: round, square, rectangular, etc.
  • Many possible fillings: fat creams, pectin jelly, chocolate, marshmallow, peanut butter, caramel, etc.

Filling system including cookie cappers and stencil systems, for use of aerated cream up to 0.7 sg on a stencil sandwich

Filling system capabilities include weighing of ingredients, pre-mixing, aeration & tempering, aligning, indexing, flipping, depositing, and capping

RotoFlex multi-fillings line

    Prepare any combination of two fillings simultaneously in a single compact footprint

    • Produce dual fillings for cake bars or sandwiched cookies
    • Candy and cereal bars with layered cream, jelly, marshmallow, caramel, etc.
    • Co-extruded filling capabilities
    • One-shot, center-in-shell, deposited products like: encapsulated marshmallow (marshmallow & jelly); tea cakes (marshmallow & jelly); cake bars (cream & jelly), etc.
    Pectin Jelly System

    Fully automatic pH-controlled compact system, also available for cold-set jelly production

    • Automatic start-up
    • Tempering of jelly
    • Proportioning & tempering of acid, injection of acid
    • pH & temperature control of final product

    Depositing jelly on biscuits or cookies
    • One-shot jelly depositing or co-extrusion with other fillings
    • All applications where a quick set of jelly is necessary
    • A variety of flavored jelly products from one base mixture using continuous injection of colors and flavors