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by DrieM Dough Sheeting

22,000 Lbs/Hr Washdown Sheeting Lines

DrieM sheeting line with covers closed
  • Washdown design is standard
  • Sheeting head has cabinet design for full and easy access for cleaning on line
  • No chains, only direct drives
  • No plugs
  • No tools required to remove scrapers, tooling or flour dusters for sanitation
  • All bearings are external and greasable
  • All belts have quick releases
  • All motors and gearboxes are covered
  • All stainless steel surfaces are specially treated to prevent sticking
  • Automatic cleaning mode in PLC opens all gap to optimize accessibility to scrapers
  • Flour dusters can easily be removed from production line during cleaning
  • For artisan bread, pan bread, pizza, flat bread, pastry, etc.
Dough DrieMer with Door Open

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