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The New Daub "Stonemotion" Concept Thermal Oil, Multi-Deck Tunnel Oven & Kaak Multi-Place Manipulator will be on display at the IBA 2012 in our Booth #A1.430

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Innovations from The Kaak Group at IBA 2012 – Part 2

Patented “Stonemotion” Concept Thermal Oil, Multi-Deck Tunnel Oven for the Artisan Baker

Daub, a company within the Kaak Group and supplier to leading Artisan Bread producers worldwide, has recently developed and patented a unique concept that closes the gap between traditional multi-deck ovens and automatic tunnel ovens.
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Flexible Pick and Place Machine – For use in Lid or Tray Handling and Depanning

Our standardized pick and place machine is engineered specifically to meet the needs of bakeries and can be used across a wide range of applications such as lid and tray handling to depanning.

The Multi-Place can now be put to use across a range of lid or tray handling as well as depanning applications. Many of these would be suitable for changing as machine demands alter within the bakery. Obviously the Multi-Place had to be engineered to meet the high capacities demanded from such applications whilst be as energy effi cient, quiet and ergonomically sympathetic. Kaak has engineered the Multi-Place to meet all of these demands and now presents it at IBA 2012.

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