Inline Ultrasonic Cutting of Rectangular Products

Inline Ultrasonic Cutting of Rectangular Products
    This guillotine/slitter system is equipped with its own conveyor package and prepared for integration into an existing production line

  • Fully stainless steel construction and components
  • Large access doors with safety interlocks for easy access for sanitation and maintenance
  • Completely servo-driven movements, for cutting while continuously conveying the products
  • Three-axis servo-controlled blade movement for precise cutting on the fly
  • Can be executed with or without an ultrasonic package
  • Automatic blade locking system for redundant safety
  • Automatic product position detection and tracking on the conveyor belt
  • Automatic monitoring and leveling of ultrasonic power induced in the cutting blade for maximum efficiency
  • Fully adjustable speed controls for blade movements and conveyor drive
  • Stand alone control panel with remote access for troubleshooting and support
  • Emergency stop buttons, color HMI touch screen operator interface
  • Low pressure wash down as a standard
  • Meets all CSA, UL and OSHA standards